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Surefire Ways of Ensuring Peak Profits during the Upcoming Season

October 14, 2010

The peak season, typically means that guests come calling, you don’t have to work hard or offer discounts to fill up your rooms. Many hoteliers feel this in-take of guests is more than enough and don’t bother marketing before or during high season. But, when you can achieve 100% occupancy levels with a little planning and effort, why should you be satisfied with 50% or 80% occupancy levels? Morover, you don’t have to spending 10,000s. All you need to do is employ the folllowing low budget yet effective marketing techniques to maximize your occupancy levels and revenue generation:

Email Marketing
: Send out emails to past guests and others to remind them of your presence. Entice them to visit by including tidbits such as new facilities at your hotel, local attractions (old & new) and more in your email. This low budget activity is surefire way of drumming up interest. Be sure to include an online reservation link, so that interested parties can make reservations at your hotel instantly, easily and directly online.      

Link Strategies
: Get in touch with local attractions such as theme parks, museums etc. and arrange a link exchange, wherein, you post a link or banner of that park or museum on your hotel website and they post a link or banner of your hotel on their websites. This will link exchange strategy can boost your visitor numbers and conversion rate as people planning vacations often select destinations by attractions.  Another benefit of this marketing technique is that building links from other websites to your website also increases your website’s relevancy to search engines. 

Social Media Marketing
: Socializing on social media websites like facebook and twitter is no longer just the ‘in thing’, it is a way of life for many. Studies indicate that online users spend at least 2 hours a week (most spend more) on social media websites. By creating a page for your hotel on such websites, you can build up interest amongst visitors. Please be aware that while this activity is may not cost much monetarily it is time costly.   

Online Banners: If you are prepared to spend a small portion of your marketing budget to market your hotel during high season, you should consider posting banners on popular websites that your target audience is known to visit such as social networking websites, etc. Banner ads are an effective direct marketing tool that can increase site traffic if they are creative and include a call-to-action. Advertise on websites that your potential guests would visit.

Offline to Online Marketing
: Offline marketing can translate into online sales. Surprising, isn’t it? By including your website url and email address on all collateral materials including any promotional items you give away, you provide potential guests with an easy way to contact you and increase your brand awareness. These offline marketing and promotional activities can into online reservations.

These are just some of the low budget marketing techniques you can use pre and during ‘High’ seasons to ensure that your hotel achieves 100% occupancy levels.

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