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ResAvenue’s Agent, Member and Corporate login feature solves your double booking problems

June 25, 2009 - Mumbai.

Multiple distribution channels, booking mediums and record databases often leads to double bookings and guests with an unfavorable impression of your hotel. What you require is a standardize reservation process. So, whether your guest books online through your hotel website, sends in an email request or calls in, all reservations are recorded and maintained on a single database. By standardizing your reservation process, you can minimize the effect double bookings have on your revenue and reputation.

ResAvenue has an innovative, convenient and easy to use Agent, Member and Corporate login feature that enables you to manage all of your distribution channels - travel agents, travel websites, wholesalers, remote sales offices, corporate and members directly online from your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. account. This simple yet effective system can ease your channel management problems and enable you to manage multiple distribution channels through a single window interface. Most importantly, since all your distribution channels access and book your inventory from the same database, double booking becomes a problem of the past.              

To standardize your reservation process, you first need to create an agents, corporate or members profile using the Agent Configuration Form, Corporate Configuration Form and Member Configuration Form respectively. The information collected in these forms will help you mange them and allocate inventory to them easily.

You also need to assign each of your Agents, Corporates and Members a unique ID (username and password). These ID’s will give all of your distribution partners – travel agents, travel websites, wholesalers, remote sales offices, corporate and members direct access to your room inventory. So, there are no overlaps, no multiple records maintained on multiple databases, thus, preventing problems such as double bookings.

The unique ID’s enable you to assign each agent/corporate/member different room inventory at different rates. For example: If your agent is located in a high-end area, you can assign him only your biggest and best room inventory at a high rate.

The unique ID’s are also an excellent way to monitor sales on a channel-to-channel or on an agent-to-agent. Based on the sales/transaction information, you can allocate your room inventory to each channel or agent more effectively. So, you can generate more bookings and profits from during low season by creating special packages.

Another benefit of assigning your agents, corporate and members unique ID’s is that since the entire process from booking to payment now takes place directly online, you will be able to view detailed records for each agent on your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. account at a click of the mouse.

Standardizing your Reservation Process
With ResAvenue’s Agent, Member and Corporate login feature, you can now standardize your reservation process easily. All you need to do is ‘Activate the Agent, Corporate and Member login feature in your M.A.R.S. account’ and create logins for each of your Agents/ Corporates/ Members.

Note: The process to create an Agent/Corporate/Member is almost identical.

Activate Agents, Corporates and Members login feature
Before you can create an agent / corporate /members login, you need to activate this feature in your M.A.R.S. account. Log into your ResAvenue M.A.R.S. account, click on the Property Configuration tab on the Configuration menu, select Default Configuration and activate one or more login feature as per your requirements.


Once you activate the agent/ corporate / member login feature, the login buttons will display on your hotel reservation page. So, when the agent, corporate or member wants to make a reservation, he visits your hotel website, clicks on the reservation link and logs in. The agent/ corporate / member will see the special room inventory, rates and packages that are allocated to him. A key benefit of having unique ID’s for each agent/ corporate / member is that you can assign different agents, corporates and members different inventory or different rates.

Create Agents, Corporates and Members
The next, you need to take is adding all your agents, corporates and members to the system. Each agent/ corporate / member will have to be added individually. You will have to enter a variety of information about the agent/ corporate / member such as the Agent’s Contact Information - Name, Designation, Address, Billing Address, City, Country, State, Zip, Phone and Fax. This will allow you to manage your agent directly online and will provide you with 24 x7 anywhere access to his information.

You will also have to assign the agent/ corporate / member

  • Agent Code: Track the sales record of that particular agent easily
  • Agent Title: Identify the agent easily. Generally, an Agent Title is an abbreviation of the agent’s name or company.
  • Agent Email-Address: Main form of communication
  • Rate Master: Assign an existing rate master or create a rate master specifically for this agent
  • Allocation Master: Assign an existing master or an allocation master with allocations meant specifically for this agent
  • Room Description, Rate Display and Room Display: Check to display one or more of these fields on your reservation pages.
  • Payment Method: Assign a payment type to this agent.
  • Agent Reservation Process: Assign your Agent/ Corporate/ Member a unique username and password, which will provide him with direct access to your assigned hotel room inventory.

Once you have added all of the required information, save the new agent/corporate/member to the system by clicking on the Save Agent Details button. You are now ready to start managing all of your distribution channels online.
To summarize, managing multiple distribution channels, booking mediums and record databases can be difficult. ResAvenue's Agents, Corporates and Members login feature aims to simplify your distribution channel management and double booking issues by providing you with a single interface to manage all your distribution channels and a single database to maintain all your records.

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