GDS and IDS accounts for 60% of online hotel bookings

January 20, 2008

“In 2007, bookings done through the GDS and IDS amounted to 60% of online bookings.”

Online Bookings rose steadily in the past year, making the online medium a vital ingredient in increasing your hotel’s profits. 60% of online bookings were done through the Global Distribution System (GDS) and the Internet Distribution System (IDS) in 2007. This makes the Global Distribution System and the Internet Distribution System important elements of a hotel’s distribution mix. Any hotel whose distribution mix does not include GDS and IDS or those hotels that are considering cutting GDS and IDS from their distribution mix should reconsider.

Why? Any hotel that did not have GDS and IDS as part of their distribution mix in 2007 missed out on a lot of potential sales.

Hoteliers need to realize that majority of guests are not brand loyal nor do they have a fixed booking pattern; they simply book from the hotel offering them the best deal. To combat such erratic behavior hotels must maintain a presence on all possible distribution channels if they want a sizeable share of the online market.

If the high cost involved in acquiring GDS and IDS or the high commission rates charged by providers are the only reasons why GDS and IDS are not a part of your distribution mix, then here is a good alternate for you:

ResAvenue is an online booking engine with an in-built payment gateway that simply plugs into your hotel website and converts it into a powerful marketing tool which can instantly close a sale at anytime and from anywhere in the world. It has a comprehensive range of online tools that will enable you to manage all of its distribution channels - FIT sales, Corporate sales, GSA or Remote Sales Offices sales, Travel Agent and Room Wholesale Agent sales, Tour Operator sales through a single window interface through any PC with an internet connection.

More importantly, ResAvenue offers to ‘Free Listing’ on major Global Distribution Systems and thousands of Internet Distribution Systems which would normally cost you approximately 1000-2000$ depending on your hotel’s location (country) and property type. Moreover, ResAvenue only charges you a flat fee of 13.5$ per GDS booking and 11.5$ per IDS booking. This is considerably lower than the flat fee + commission (as negotiated) charged by travel agents or the 10% commission (varies) charged by other service providers.

By signing with ResAvenue, you can add two elements to your online distribution mix easily and without incurring high investments

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