How to improve the Look-to-Book Ratio on your website

July 28, 2008

Does your Look-to-Book Ratio meet your expectations? Do you feel your hotel website is bringing in enough sales?

If the answer to the above questions are ĎNoí or if you just want to improve your hotelís look-to-book ratio, here are a few tips on how you can increase traffic through your website and improve your look-to-book ratio:

Your hotel website is your one point contact with your guests on the internet, so it is extremely important to create the right impression. You need to do everything in your power to ensure this impression is favorable and will encourage guests to read further and book instantly.
  1. Website appeal: Evaluate your website. Does your website appeal to your target audience? The wrong design can repel your audience instead of helping you generate sales. For example: Your Hotel is a Spa and your target audience is 35+. Your website has funky design that is more appealing to a 18-25 year old audience. Moreover, it does not reflect your hotelís brand image i.e. peace and tranquil. This website design will create a distorted image of your hotel in the mind of the viewer, which will prevent interested guests from booking.

  2. Keeping content current: The content displayed on your hotel website is your online sales agent. You need to make sure that the information is well presented and appeals to your target audience. For example: Using slang in your website content should be eliminated unless you are talking only to a well-defined audience who will understand the terminology used. You also need to make sure that your content is current i.e. not outdated and irrelevant. Also, whenever possible use short sentences, highlight key words and use descriptive headings, as visitors do not read, they only scan pages in search of the topic that interests them.

  3. Navigation: Navigation ease is extremely important. If your visitor cannot move through your website easily, he will shut your page and seek out your competitor. So, make sure it is easy for your guest to navigate through your website. Also, it is extremely important to include 'Book Now' or 'Reserve Now' links on all of your website pages. This allow your guests to book easily from anywhere on your website.

  4. Credibility: Fraud is another factor that affects your Look-to-Book Ratio. You can ease concerns of fraud by ensuring that your hotel website includes sections such as About Us and Contact Us. These sections will add to your hotelís credibility. It will also ensure that visitors have an alternate way to book at your hotel, if he does not want to book online.

  5. Pricing & Packages: The fast way to lose a sale is by displaying outdated pricing and package information. Guests take one look at this outdated information and decide you are not interested in selling online. So, make sure that all pricing and packages displayed on your hotel website is for current and future seasons.

  6. Online Payments: Last but not least, you need to offer your guests an online payment facility. This is beneficial to both you and your guest. You will receive a confirmed booking with at least a partial payment and the guest will gain peace of mind knowing he has a booking secured by payment.
Note: When offering an Online Payment facility on your website it is important to include a security certificate or a privacy policy to reassure guests of their data security.

We hope this article has proved to be informative and the implementation of these steps helps you achieve two goals - increase traffic to your website and improve your look to book ratio. Good Luck!

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